Facility Management

Facility Management
Monitor and control anything, anytime, from anywhere.
TagsCollector gives you the ability to monitor anything, anytime, from anywhere. At Teronus, we develop both the underlying system platform AND a custom written user interface specifically designed for your one-of-a-kind facility. With over 20 years’ experience in developing custom SCADA systems, we understand our software inside and out. We can deliver a fully operational, turn-key, completely customized facility monitoring system… faster, more economical, and better than anyone else in the industry.

The industrial internet of things is nothing new for us. For years we have been connecting to multiple data sources and developing “proactive response” applications that can anticipate and react to problems before they occur.

Real world IIoT applications that can help your bottom line…

What if your controls system could predict the future? It’s currently only 40° outside, but tomorrow the predicted high of the National Weather Service is 95°. By utilizing this information, we can precool your facility by a few degrees tonight and subsequently reduce your cooling load and power consumption tomorrow.

Or maybe your particular process has the option of utilizing either raw material-A OR B in the manufacturing of your product… If so, maybe we can track market prices of your raw materials and adjust your process to utilize the most economical materials.

The possibilities are endless!

One of the most common industry misconceptions, is that you need to purchase your facility management system from the same vendor as your control system. Unfortunately, this philosophy often leads to customers being locked in to a single source supplier for any future projects. By using TagsCollector, you can maintain a single system for your entire facility and still allow for competitive bidding between vendors on future projects.

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