Alarming and Notification

Alarming and Notification
Receive critical notifications quickly while eleminating nuisance alarms.
The active alarm manager report can be viewed through workstation and dashboard displays.

This report is color coded so that operators can quickly see which alarms have or have not been acknowledged, and which alarms have already returned to a normal condition. Included with each individual alarm is a timestamp of when the alarm originally occurred, the timestamp of the latest event (acknowledge or return to normal), and the number of times that each tag has toggled between alarm and normal states. This event counter is a unique feature designed to provide the feedback needed for identifying and eliminating false and nuisance alarms. Additionally, all alarms are logged to the server in the order they are received and this alarm history log can be later reviewed to determine the precise chronological sequence of events that have occurred.   
To further facilitate system operation,  an alarm notification feature within the application permits new alarms to be emailed or texted directly to the appropriate individual assigned to take corrective action. Every tag in the system can be assigned to a specific alarm group and every user in the system can be set to receive alarms from any or all of these groups.

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