TagsCollector gives you the ability to monitor anything, anytime, from anywhere. At Teronus, we develop both the underlying system platform AND a custom written user interface specifically designed for your one-of-a-kind facility.

Integrate data from almost any PLC, database, webpage, HMI, or machine. This integration allows you to monitor your production equipment, tank farm, filtration systems, HAVC units, chillers, air compressors, boilers, and power consumption all through a single easy to operate, user interface.

Our alarm and notification functions are specifically designed to keep you informed as to what systems require your attention the most. Critical notifications are delivered quickly while false and nuisance alarms are identified and eliminated.  

Data trending & historical data collection is easily implemented for any or all tags monitored by the system. The data that is collected is recorded to the server using industry standard file formats which creates a permanent record of everything that has taken place on your system.

Maintain a real-time user event log that records everything your operators are doing. From login / logout times, to pages viewed, to alarms acknowledged, to setpoint changes, to manual overrides, TagsCollector records them all.

More than just pretty pictures, through a combination of animations and color coding, we supply the information that you need, when you need it, and in a format, that’s easy to understand. This allows experienced operators to view the big picture at a glance, and reduces the learning curve for new operators to get them up to speed much more quickly.

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